Watching Hannah Gadsby I had a light bulb moment

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Rose Callaghan is a Melbourne based stand-up comedian, actor, writer and presenter. In 2016 she toured her debut solo stand-up show “Rose Before Hoes/Attention Deficit…Ooh a Pony!”, selling out at Perth Fringeworld, Melbourne Comedy Festival and Sydney Fringe where she won “Best Comedy” award.

 She has appeared as a comedian on Nova, Triple J, ABC and RRR. She hosts a popular comedy podcast about internet dating and sex regularly performs during the Melbourne Comedy Festival. 

Five years ago at the age of 32, she was diagnosed with ADHD. She saw Hannah Gadsby do stand-up in Melbourne, where she spoke about being diagnosed with the condition late in life.

This was a massive “light bulb moment” for me. I had suspected for a decade that I had the disorder. After listening to Hannah she made an appointment, was tested and diagnosed with having ADHD.

"Women slip under the radar because “we don’t exhibit the traits that we’ve come to associate with ADHD." says Rose.

"Hannah Gadsby is the most talked about comedian in the world"

"She’s changing the world with her Netflix special Nanette an incredible discussion of homophobia, male privilege, abuse and mental health. She is also frank about being a woman with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald