A Therapist’s Guide to Staying Sane During a Pandemic

Tips on how to 'not' let anxiety consume you. The more we worry the more we try to control our worry with something tangible, such as information. But clinging to our screens for the latest update has the opposite effect because it serves as fodder for more catastrophizing. A daily update makes sense. But bingeing on news bloats our minds with unhealthy food that can make us feel sick. 
Article by: Lori Gottlieb, a contributing writer at The Atlantic, a psychotherapist based in Los Angeles and author of 'Maybe You Should Talk to Someone.'

Creating an ADHD Friendly Home During COVID-19


Schools are scrambling to finalize online curriculum plans. Maggie Sibley PhD a member of CHADDs (Children and Adults with ADHD) professional advisory board offers ways parents can help set up their ADHD children for success and transform their home into a school environment. We recommend this podcast to parents needing trustworthy ideas and advice right now. More here.

In Home Resources for Families


After the initial novelty of being at hone wears off the parents in our ADHD community might appreciate some online resources and sites that could occupy the minds of their children and themselves perhaps.

DOWNLOAD & Share: https://bit.ly/341SoUn

The material was compiled by one of our volunteers as an ADHD Centre resource based on the article in The Canberra Times. Extract from article: 62 Things-for- children-to-do-at-home-when-school- closes/

How To Work at Home

Working from home in the wake of the COVID-19 rules? You might be overlooking methods to increase your motivation, focus and productivity. This article provides useful 'brain hacks' for lifting your motivation and productivity when working from home. It is written by Peter Shankman who has ADHD, works from home and is author of 'Faster Than Normal: Turbocharge Your Focus, Productivity and Success with the Secrets of the ADHD Brain.'  

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Australian ADHD Life: "I Wish I Had Known This Earlier"


"The Huge Benefits Of Fitness For My ADHD Brain"

Stef Goddard lives in Queensland. She is sharing her ADHD journey so that you might know that any of us can floruish. She tells how self-education, determination and prioritizing physical & mental health transformed her life.  

 “I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5 (I 'm now 30). I started my fitness journey 5 years ago when I was very unhealthy and very depressed.

When I began educating myself about how to best transform my health and life nothing could have prepared me for how vital Fitness, Nutrition and Exercise are - physically, cognitively and mentally.”

I wish I had known this earlier

“I discovered that when you exercise with purpose, a few interesting things begin to happen in your body and mind." 


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