Australian ADHD Life: "I Wish I Had Known This Earlier"


"The Huge Benefits Of Fitness For My ADHD Brain"

Stef Goddard lives in Queensland. She is sharing her ADHD journey so that you might know that any of us can floruish. She tells how self-education, determination and prioritizing physical & mental health transformed her life.  

 “I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5 (I 'm now 30). I started my fitness journey 5 years ago when I was very unhealthy and very depressed.

When I began educating myself about how to best transform my health and life nothing could have prepared me for how vital Fitness, Nutrition and Exercise are - physically, cognitively and mentally.”

I wish I had known this earlier

“I discovered that when you exercise with purpose, a few interesting things begin to happen in your body and mind." 


Travelling with your ADHD medication: The do's and don't's

With many people gearing up to head overseas this summer, it's important to understand the rules around travelling with medication.

Here are some tips for you to consider before heading to the airport.


ADHD Fundraising Event: Get Behind It

Eremea Home Care Services is hosting a special event soon to raise awareness of ADHD and vital funds to support ADDults with ADHD.

Erema Home Care Services, a family-owned government-approved multicultural home care provider based in Sydney’s inner west, is staging the event on its own initiative.

A spokesperson for Eremea says "Our goal is to inform the wider community about the prevalence and challenges of adults who live with the condition, and to raise funds for ADDults with ADHD to support the important work they do helping adults and their loved ones."

The event coincides with 2019 ADHD Awareness Month. It will be held in Sydney on Fri 18 October 2019 from 12:30 pm-3:30 pm.

Attendees will hear ADHD researcher, expert and speaker Dr Sally Poulton, from the University of Sydney, along with people with lived experience'. A cocktail party style lunch will also be provided.
ENTRY is by gold coin donation (any amount).

There are only 50 places so RSVP soon. Bookings are open. You can register and get full details at this link:
ADDults with ADHD is a volunteer run organisation and is in need of funds to continue meeting the demand for our services. If you are in Sydney and want to support our vital work, see you there!

Can't make this event but wish to help ADDults with ADHD?

  2. RUN a small fundraiser yourself like
    • lunch/party with family/friends/sports team
    • games night with loved ones
    • wine or boutique beer tasting afternoon
    • workplace raffle e.g. "Guess How Many M&Ms in Jar"
    •  we are happy to give you ideas and support material about ADDults with ADHD
  3. VOLUNTEER: ask about volunteering a time and skill (e.g. events, social media moderator/admin, counselling) contact the ADHD Centre Helpline

New Research: ADHD Costs Australia $20 Billion Each Year

A new Deloitte Access Economics report – The Social and Economic Costs of ADHD in Australia, released at the 3rd annual Australian ADHD Professionals Association conference in Brisbane, Australia, estimates that the social and economic impacts of the neurodevelopmental disorder are around $20 billion per year.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects more than 800,000 Australians.

AADPA President, Professor Mark Bellgrove, said: “Characterised by symptoms of inattention, impulsivity, and in some cases excessive levels of hyperactivity, ADHD is known to most of us, but also misunderstood on multiple levels.”

“While there is no single known cause, the syndrome arises from an interaction of genetic, social and environmental factors. Although it’s often a lifelong condition, early diagnosis and quality treatment improves individual outcomes significantly.

Despite uncertainty around the causes of ADHD, it is clear that in Australia today, the social and economic cost of the condition is substantial. What we haven’t had, until now, is a report driven by high quality data that quantifies these impacts.”

Deloitte Access Economics Lead Partner, Health Economics and Social Policy, and the report’s principal author, Lynne Pezzullo, said: “At over $20 billion in costs including lower productivity, health and education system costs, and reduced quality of life, the impact of ADHD is significant.

Source: Australian ADHD Professionals Association 

Read full story:

Download research report:

Popular Coach Lou Brown Doing an Interactive Workshop for Adults in Sydney

Having ADHD might come with some challenges, but they don't have to get in the way of living a full and rewarding life. Gaining a deeper knowledge and understanding of how your personal ADHD works is very important.

Popular ADHD Coach, Consultant, Educator, Advocate and author Lou Brown believes that we should forget just surviving with ADHD, that everyone deserves to thrive. 

On Sunday, 10th February, the ADHD Foundation have joined with Lou Brown to run a unique interactive workshop in Sydney called "Perfectly Imperfect Me: Thriving With Adult ADHD".  There will only be one seminar for adults.

Bookings will need to made very soon because places are limited and tickets are well and truly on sale.  

For full details including the Where, When and Cost go through these two links. 



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