ADHD and Me - Rory Bremner

Rory Bremner ADHD and Me

British political satirist Rory Bremner's quest to discover whether or not he has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) makes excellent viewing.

Bremner is one of the UK’s most famous impressionists and political comedians. His incisive TV shows have won many awards in the UK including four Baftas, three Royal Television Awards and two British Comedy Awards.

His most recent appearance though, on a BBC2 documentary that aired on SBS Viceland, is one you shouldn’t miss! It is an excellent documentary about his life, ADHD symptoms, getting the information and the pathway to diagnosis.

Login through this link or search through your own SBS On Demand app: "ADHD and Me" program broadcast SBS Viceland 20/3/2018

Rory suspected that he had the condition called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). He made the film to learn more about it and find out whether he had it or not.

Meeting experts in the field, he subjects himself to a range of tests to see whether his racing mind, short attention span and impulsivity are more than simply annoying personality traits. We also meet two young people more severely afflicted.

During the making of the programme Rory had his diagnosis confirmed. His relief was obvious.

“The main thing I wanted to do was to raise awareness about the condition, so that it was something that people can understand,” he says. “It is not about bad parents or naughty children.”

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